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About Us

Vision Statement

"When people anywhere, anytime need the highest quality job available their first choice will be The Driveway Cleaning Specialists"

Mission Statement

To have The Driveway Cleaning Specialists known as Australia's most knowledgeable, reliable and diversified service group within our target market.

We will do this by providing exceptional service to our customers. Our core products are hard surface cleaning and preventative coatings and we will diversify and add products and services that compliment this.

We believe in our People, Products and Associates and will provide "Shared Value" to all concerned within our organisation.

We will build and foster a dedicated team by continual training and development.

We understand that our team is our most valuable asset.

We will pursue advances in technology and increase the safety of homes, workplaces and public areas.

We will grow nationally and develop the business into a unique and profitable franchise model for future partners.

We will have continual, profitable and manageable growth.

Our company has a safety conscious attitude and as well be recognised by the community as a professional, reliable company.

Corporate Belief

The corporate belief and culture of The Driveway Cleaning Specialists is that by keeping surfaces such as driveways and workshop floors clean, this not only reduces the risk of injury to those who use them but also keeps the cleaned asset at peak premium value.

Company Philosophies

Ownership By Our People

Our franchisees are owners of their business - rather than employees

The Client is Paramount

We care for our clients (ourselves, our team, our customers, our stakeholders)

The client is always right.

We give our clients great value for money and service

We know if we look after our clients, they will look after us

Common Sense Prevails

We look for logical solutions, not just traditional ways of doing things.

We do our own thinking


We Take Responsibility For Our Success

We know our vision and purpose

We set our own goals (always a stretch, but achievable) and we have a plan

We select the right people, who know their purpose and role. We measure their achievements, give incentive and recognise the achievement

Our organisation believes in maximising our personal development

Standard Systems Are The Basis Of Our Success

Each franchise business operates as an empowered small business, but within a strict set of systems
We know there is only one best way to operate and everyone is expected to operate that way, until a superior way is demonstrated.

Our systems are created for our people, by our people, in an environment that stimulates change.

We Believe In Our Company Being Profitable

We accept that unless our company is consistently profitable we cannot survive. We know that profit is the best measurement of whether we are providing a service the community values.



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The Driveway Cleaning Specialists
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